Ronatron Music Reviews is your source to the Vancouver indie music scene. The hidden musical talent that resides in this fair city does not get the exposure it needs, and with that in mind, this online publication goes deep into the heart of the underground and exposes the diamond in the rough. From live show reviews to independent EP's, we want to help those struggling indie bands get the recognition they deserve. Vancouver is a vibrant city, full of potential so we want these talented musicians to be recognized and be proud Vancouverites.

Ronatron Ron Cheng is the creator and editor of "Ronatron Music Reviews." Born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, BC, this music enthusiast began his love affair at a young age and never looked back. Playing in various local indie bands, he experienced first hand how hard it was to get enough exposure. With a BA in History and loads of writing experience under his belt, he decided to create a website solely dedicated to supporting local artists. To many, he is known as a womanizer, using his delicate typing fingers to write seductive emails to unsuspecting victims. Some say it's a curse, others say it's a blessing, but what we do know is, he's called Ronatron. He can be seen at various live shows, with a blue ball-point Bic pen and a little notepad, so make sure you say hi when he looks in your direction.

Alex Ramon Alex Ramon is the co-creator, photographer, and webmaster of "Ronatron Music Reviews." Born and raised in the African safari (also known as Kitimat, BC), Alex sought to live a better life and moved to the bright lights of Vancouver. Since his triumphant voyage, he has excelled in the knowledge of both computers and bicycles. He roams the city at daybreak and take pictures of unsuspecting victims (also known as indie bands) at night. Somewhere in between he takes a nap or drinks his coffee. No one knows exactly what he is, but there is speculation that he is a robot. What we do know is, he is an extraordinary machine ready to take on the world.